6 million people performed Hajj. limited space.


3 Nights Stay in Al Shourafa Hotel Madinah.

. . Air Line: Egypt Airline.

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The Italian government has approved more than 2 billion euros ($2. We are working diligently in creating packages for Hajj 2023. 390541775827.

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. Contact number list of Bank Coordinators for Hajj 2023.

*Please note the “pre-registration” deposit is fully refundable within 2 weeks of receiving the link to our 2023 Hajj packages. In order to assist you please read this page carefully.

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The most expensive package will cost 11,435 riyals, with pilgrims accommodated in the six towers in Mina, near Jamarat.

Monday 19th June, 2023. Main purpose of Makkah tour is to provide affordable packages of Hajj packages 2023 and Umrah, so you can worship Allah Almighty. Hajj & Umrah Tour Operators in Italy - Find list of top travel agents in Italy with packages at Hamariweb.

Air Line: Egypt Airline. New York, NY 10016. However, we are not authorized to direct. HAJJ & UMRAH: 1-877-354-2326 onlinesupport@adamtravel. Dar El Salam. The price of domestic pilgrim packages will begin at 3,984 Saudi riyals ($1,060).

Hajj 2023 registration has opened for pilgrims, reveals Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

. Hajj Deals 2023.

So far, only the countries listed below whose pilgrims quota has been fixed for this year’s Hajj season: Algeria.

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Jan 13, 2023 · The ministry announced last week that it had opened registration for Hajj in 2023 for pilgrims residing in kingdom, with the price of packages beginning at 3,984 riyals ($1,062).

Air Line: Egypt Airline.

*Please note the “pre-registration” deposit is fully refundable within 2 weeks of receiving the link to our 2023 Hajj packages.