General dentists reported an average total income of $272,780 from clinical practice with an average base salary of $217,620 and a median total income of $230,000.

Typically, the annual net earnings will be based on the past three years.

This means if you are producing $60,000 per month, you are losing an average of $5,400 per. S.

1%, while expenses for owning and operating a dental practice have risen at an even higher rate of 18.


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The American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute mailed the 2021 Survey of Dental Practice to dentists in 2021 to collect information about the previous year of operation, 2020. S. It is interesting to note that 30% is the minimum profit margin, while 40% is the maximum profit margin for one-dentist dental practice.

S. Keep this in mind as you compare your numbers with what industry.

Your practice will also need to pay laboratory and license fees to provide comprehensive dental care for patients.

According to Salary.

Laboratory fees and licenses cost dental practices an average of about 10% of their total annual revenue. The average annual revenue lost in uncollected insurance benefits is around $135,000.

Many of the practice expenses shown on the tax returns or P&L statements need to be adjusted to determine the true profitability of the practice. Learning to work “on” your practice as well as “in” it is a vital part of successful dental practice management.

Aug 12, 2021 · Annual revenue generated by an average dental practice is around $1,500,000.

Billing and revenue numbers fluctuate from practice to practice.

2022, by state.

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A new analysis of 2022 data looks at two important, yet distinct, elements of practice modality: (1) dental practice size, defined by the number of locations within a dental practice, and (2) the percentage of dentists affiliated with a dental support organization (DSO). Lab Fees, Insurance Costs and Miscellaneous Expenses. AVERAGE ANNUAL NET INCOME, DENTISTS IN PRIVATE PRACTICE GENERAL PRACTITIONERS. 2022, by state. Keep this in mind as you compare your numbers with what industry. .

The percentage of revenue that remains uncollected has grown.

In 2019/20 there was a 7. Nov 8, 2018 · The average profitability range for a general dentistry practice is around 30%–40% of revenues, but this number can be deceivingly hard to compute.

Trends in fees and reimbursement rates for the most common procedures in endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, and oral surgery (PDF) (February 2017) Recent trends in the market for endodontics (PDF) (September 2016) Dental care utilization steady among working-age adults and children, up slightly among the elderly (PDF) (October 2016).

The average dental practice is losing 9% of their production to uncollected revenues.

In 2020, solo owner dentists in the United States earned an average annual net.


Specialty dental practices experience an average billing of $935,760 2.